VHF display says, No position, no time.


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13 Sep 2008
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If the connector is a pnc i think, push in and twist, could not get a postion on my gps, the connector middle pin had pushed itself back into the connector and not making a connection, so give it a good inspection. and try a spare antenne

Its not unusual for that pin to come loose in threaded SMA as well ... there's not much holds it !

With SMA ... there is another fault if not careful. We use SMA for various in Drone and FPV use .. particularly antenna upgrades.

The base socket is fine - but the plug can if not bought as a pair - be a touch too long in the threaded outer. When screwing in place - the outer reaches final thread but pin is still not fully home ...
I usually grind of a small amount of the outer to make sure plug pin gets fully home before outer thread finishes.