Triana 25 fuel consumption


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30 May 2001
Article in MBM Sept on restoration of Triana called Osprey made interesting reading but fuel consumption figures seemed odd. Article states 12 gph at 40 knots (max speed) but more economical 25 - 28 knots consuming 9 - 10 gpg.

Therefore according to my basic arithmetic at 40 knots = 3.3 mpg. 25 - 28 knots = 2.75 mpg. Curious, I wish my boat used less fuel at full speed than cruising revs! Maybe our resident sums expert Nick R can confirm I've got my sums right.
Or even better if the owner of Osprey reads this forum maybe he can let us know the true figures.


i have not seen the artical yet as i work offshore, but as a owner of a triana 25
( re-engined with volvo penta 2 x 150a) all i can tell you is that it seem to cost a
fortune at any revs!!!!!
My fuel gauge is a dip stick, and i have 5 miles at 5 knots before i reach loch ness. then it's full speed down loch ness. stopped for fish and chips
(with a petrol boat you can't afford a sit down meal ) then returned back to caley marina in Inverness. this journey used approx 120 ltr and took about 3 hours.
since that i guess/budget/curse on using £30 - £40 for every hour out.
Its the old catch 22. i could not afford to buy a diesel boat. but can i afford to run a petrol one? well i am trying and so far it has been worth every penny.