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16 May 2001
Having spent the last three months cogitating and deliberating over the name of my imminent boat can anyone tell me the address of the SSR register ? Thanks,


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16 May 2001
Home mid Kent - Boat @ Poole
forget it at the moment - it's cardif somewhere - but go to and type SSR in the site's search and it's one document away - that's how I got it last time.

and the boats name will be?

oh hell - here is the result.....

How do I put my boat on Part III of the Register (Small Ships Register)?
The procedure for Part III Registration requires a simple application to the Registrar General on the appropriate form including:

(a) A description of the vessel
(b) Overall length

(c) Name of the vessel (this is not required to be a unique name, unlike Part I Registration)

(d) Name and address of every owner

(e) Declaration that the owners are eligible to be owners of British Ship and that the ship is entitled to registration.

The application form should be sent to the Registrar with a £10 fee for a 5 year certificate.

A registration certificate will normally be issued with no further formality required. The owner must paint or fix on a visible external surface of the vessel the number of registration with the prefix 'SSR'. The exact detail of how this must be done is laid down by the Registrar and details are available from the Registry.

As with Part I, the registration is for a 5-year period and if not renewed, the vessel will be removed from the Register after that time.

For further information and application form, call the Register in Cardiff on 029 2076 1911/8206.

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