Snapdragon 890 (29ft)



Anyone owned one? are there any standard faults - problems to look out for? any characteristics I should be aware of?

question posted as I am about to buy one.

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30 May 2001
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I have never owned one, but have surveyed and done some repairs on similar...On survey apart from high moisture readings and the odd osmosis blister which is probably par for the course on this age vessel now, I have not come across any common failings. The afrormosia rubbing strake is apt to distort and fail at the scarfs, occasionally a degree of rot on these if not maintained. Because of the inner moulding some external repairs are difficult including fitting the railings, some inner moulding cracks near the lower corners of the mast support area, Laminate damage to the keel area (encapsulated ballast) where the vessel takes the ground. Other than that they appear to be quite strongly constructed. I am sure someone else will add a bit more to this for you. Regards John Lilley

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