Shipman 28



Any current/previous Shipman owners out there? Just bought on and one thing that I want to address is the anchor. This vessel has no foredeck stowage for the anchor or hawse-pipe. The anchor is stored in the cockpit locker and carried up to the foredeck when required. This worries me.

Has anyone any view on adding a hawse pipe and creating a chain locker?


A decent anchor and chain waights a lot so keep it as far back as possible, prefferably at the mast foot! While lots of boats are built with lokers in the forpeak or wright at the bow I would be cautiose about adding one their as the boat hasn't been designed with it in mind. The best solution I have seen used 3" drainpipe to form a tunnel from the hawse pipe to a loker under the sole. Not self stowing but exellent wt distribution.

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There's no law that says an anchor has to be let go from the bow (or even that the warp /chain has to be secured there).

Feel free to throw your anchor over from the cockpit (just make sure you do it from the windward side, so that the keel doesn't drift down over the warp) You can then walk the warp forward to the bow if you want to.

Similarly, by walking the warp back when it's time-to-go-time, you can recover from the cockpit, too.