Sealine f36/360



Any views on Sealine f36 and 360?

Good sea boat?

Recall a message re hull stress cracks. Is this likely to be more of a problem with this model vs Princess/Fairline equivalents?

Thanks for any comments.


16 May 2001
Any Pub Lancashire or Wales
I met my boats previous owner and he had bought a new Sealine.
He wanted the Princess back.
I dont think they make Sealines for the sea. Just looking prity
in the marinas.
Besides they just look like ducks, with that beak stuck out
in front!!
Better shut up now before I get sued.
Or beaten up by a load of Sealine pilots.



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16 May 2001
Berkshire, Somerset, Hampshire
There's a lot to boat buying that is about personal preference and I'm not going to get involved in that...well not much anyway. However, having taken an F36 round Britain in 1999 I am well placed to provide an objective opinion on hull strength for that particular model.

We were out in conditions up to F8 in all sea states. In the potentially most damaging conditions (short waves with big holes between) we occasionally got air into the props and found the bottom with a crash that would not have surprised me if it damaged any boat.

When we craned the boat out at the end of the 4000nm trip. I took the opportunity of surveying the boat at that point. No cracks anywhere on the inside or outside; the only thing I found was some star crazing in the gel coat around the galley waste outlet and a small amount of gel coat star crazing on one of the quarters (from a heavy landing on an awkward fuel berth). We lived with a creaking noise from the area of the saloon windscreen for the whole trip but that is a common trait of this model I believe; nothing to do with the glass, just two elements of inner moulding chafing. Again, it caused us no problem.

No for the brief personal bit...of the whole Statesman 350 to F37 series, the F36 is my favourite in many respects. Perhaps it was because I lived on it so long (five months) but there you go.



Your experience speaks reams - if I do 4,000 nm in a life time, I'll be lucky! If it doesn't fall apart in a stiff 6, then I doubt I'll ever give it any worse punishment.

5 months live aboard and you still remain impressed - that says the design is more than skin deep.

I'll definitely keep it on my short list!

Many thanks.