Please vote for my boat !!


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28 May 2007
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Please vote for “FLOATING THERAPY” as best boat name on DISCOVERBOATING.COM . I am one of 20 finalists to win a weekend getaway on a houseboat (a much needed vacation for my wife and I). Because the server at does not restrict multiple votes from one computer, someone has been “stacking” the votes in their favor. <span style="color:blue"> </span> I called discoverboating and they said there is nothing they can do about that, so I thought, I’ll just use the power of the internet. Please vote for my boat name, FLOATING THERAPY, as many times as you can and tell everyone you know to vote for me or post this on as many bulletin boards as you can. I want to show them just how powerful the internet can be. Thanks much..
P.S. I love boats and would love to experience the joy of cruising in the open water, However,.. I have never been able to afford a boat (especially living in downtown Chicago) and this would be a great chance to experience that lifestyle.. please pass the word along...every vote will help