penta 2003 wiring diagram


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22 Feb 2011
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I am currently installing a penta 2003. Most of the wiring is simply connecting the loom. On the md2b i have just removed also there is a power supply to the starter and from the alternator to the battery. Which i will connect.
However on this engine there is a further 4 wires coming from the alternator which has 4 terminals on the back unlike the three on the alternator on the md2b. There is also an additional wire coming from the starter motor.
I think it may be a case one of these is for the charge from the alternator to the battery on the previous boat and the others may have been for other equipment possibly connected.
How do i know which terminal is which on the alternator ? does any one have a wiring diagram for the 2003. Apart from the wiring loom what has to connect to and from the engine there cant be more than about five or six further conections in total, a list of to and from what would be a helpful place to start.
As you can guess electrics is my strong point but i don,t want to call somone in without attempting it myself.
Any advice gratefully appreciated