Nautic Calorifier Repair / New Tank


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19 Jun 2005
I have one of the Nautic Boiler, cuboid, 16litre calorifiers that has recently sprung a leak. It sprays out from somewhere behind the insulation. I suspect the frost got it.

The coil, element etc are all in perfect order and great condition. I was wondering if anyone has any top tips for removal of the plastic case and foam insulation, or is it just a messy destructive process.?

I was considering having a new stainless tank made with a flange on it to suit the old coil and element and just scraping the old tank. I could then have the tank made to measure and slightly larger to fit the space under the galley. The cold inlet is on the flange face and the new tank would simply need a 6" and 6 bolt flange fitting at the bottom with a off-take up at the highest point. Has anyone done this? Any suggested companies? Cost?