Medical question


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29 Jul 2001
Just a few cables from Boulters Lock
sorry chris, wouldnt want to upset you for the world.
Feeling lightheaded cos both engines working now!

Anyway, blame Byron for posting such a bl**dy stoopid thread at such a bl**dy stoopid time in the morning - 4:45 am - cant the man behave like aney civilised idiot and go to sleep?<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by boatone on Mon Nov 26 07:52:55 2001 (server time).</FONT></P>


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1 Oct 2001
It is the same gene that forces power and speedboat owners to blast as close as possible to sailing boats in quiet anchorages and when they are racing. It must be tha same one that also has the throttle full open when leaving (and often entering!) speed restricted areas and any other place that they can find! Windermere has done it! Now all we need is to get the same restrictions in all of the coastal waters of the UK!!

(Byron, are you; a, working shifts b, an insomniac c, just addicted to the forum - 4:45 am?!)


21 Aug 2001
South East England
Re: Spot the raggy

Just how much brain does it take to decide to race in the harbour fairway and if the sail boats are so quick and manouverable as the adverts and the club house sailors would have us believe, why don't they get out of the bloody way more often. And dont give me the S**T about sail v power collision regs try the one about vessel constrained by its size and manouverability in a restricted channel, and the definition of a motor vessel (sail boat using engine).
In your defense though at the RYA meeting the other day the raggies round the table had less idea of the rules than you do and they don't intend to do anything about the teaching sylabus to correct the problem.
Maybe Mr Fish could solve the problem by supplying a lightning strike for anything with a sticky up thing over 20 feet.


Re: suicidal fishermen

try coming up the channel on a 180 000 ton bulk carrier!
fishing boat crossing ahead from stdb to port crossing my bow at just over amile
i am happy with that, until he started going in a tight circle when he got dead ahead
how the hell do you keep clear of him if you don't know which way he is going to go
do you go full astern wreck the engine/ lose you job, or go to stdb and pray???
what did i do??????
lets just say i still have ajob, and we didn't trade paint (thank god!!!!)


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16 Oct 2001
Porthmadog / Port Leucate
Re: Pots, Kettles and raggies

Yes, banning the use of speed in inshore waters is impractical to say the least and when I think of Windermere (which I don't use) I think of lost jobs and ruined business'. On to the subject of speed / safety.

So there I was motoring back in to Porthmadog Harbour on an out-flowing spring tide. The outflow runs at about 3Knots, so to make 3Knots, I have to do 6 (simple maths, even for a Monday). When all of a sudden I am shouted at by this raggie chap to stop making a wake! Well what the hell am I meant to do?

Now picture this...the tide is flowing outward like it is demented, with swirls, eddies and rip-currents and the same bloke who shouting at me is lowering two toddlers from his yacht in to a very shakey looking rowing tender, loosely tethered and guess what?....the kiddies aren't wearing life jackets!!!

I was just too dumb-struck at the stupidity to stop and deliver a lesson in seamanship and safety.

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6 Nov 2001
Re: Medical ?

If you sit quietly i will tell you a scary story. this friend of mine who obviously will remain nameless may or may not have been the skipper of a large tug boat type vessel who when he was pushing and pulling barge type things had awfull problems with raggies who would not get out of the way.On the journey down river a note was taken of the naughty yotties boat names.during the next middle of the nite return trip a full throttle passage past the yots mooring would produce the most satisfying sound of smashing glass and china which could be heard in the still nite air.So I was told.