Is my fuel filtration sufficient?


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28 Nov 2002
Niton Radio
Since Wiggo seems to be enduring a grade 1, class A wallet attack...

I have a pair of filter heads fitted with Fleetguard FS1221 elements followed by the Perkins last change engine mounted filter.

Nary a drop of water come out the traps on my filters.

Am I doing enough to protect the engines?

(The L10 life of my engines is thousands of hours, I'd like to think with the right care they'll outlast me)


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4 Jan 2007
River Trent
I polish my fuel using the exact same filters, and I have every confidence.

From what I recall of my research at the time, FS1221 filters remove 95% of moisture in the fuel as well as filtering it to a high standard, and for me that was good enough. Remember that isn't just actual water but dissolved moisture as well.

There is another filter that fits on the same head and removes 99% of moisture, but will only cope with a reduced flow rate (I can't remember the numbers) so I ruled it out at the time. Fleetguard Technical Services will no doubt advise if you're interested - I found them knowledgable and helpful a couple of years ago when I was sorting out my polishing rig.