Hustler 25.5 heads

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17 Oct 2004
Sunderland UK
Has anyone got any info on moving the heads in a Hustler 25.5. I am thinking about moving the loo onto the opposite side (Starboard) then open out the space where the heads are now. I have little experiance with boat building/refurbishment so if it`s a big job, i`d probably have to pay someone to do it for me, although I have a lot of pals who would support me if needed.




New member
9 Sep 2003
A couple of factors to consider: where are the intake and discharge thru-hulls and any holding tank...will moving the toilet to the other side of the keel present any plumbing problems (long convoluted hoses)? If so, do you want to also move the thru-hull? Weight may also be a factor...weight distribution is the over-riding issue in boat design and equipment location, and it's more critical in smaller boats than in larger ones. So depending upon what else is on the other side of the boat and how much the toilet weighs, moving something that weighs as little as 25 pounds plus all the related plumbing may affect the trim of a boat that small.

I once had a dockmate who could not understand why his 33' powerboat listed about 5 degrees to starboard...till someone pointed out that when a PO rehabbed and updated the boat he put one of the fuel tanks, the water tank, the head, the holding tank, a full size refrigerator AND 3 big batteries on the starboard size...with nothing on the port side to balance the weight but the other fuel tank and the galley cabinets and sink. The only practical solution to the problem was to put a bunch of cement blocks in port side of the bilge...but even one cement block doesn't sound like the best way to balance the weight of a 25' sailboat.