Experience of Raymarine Axiom after upgrading from C series?


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20 Jan 2005
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I updated everything, Radar from Pathfinder to Quantum wireless, and c80 to an Element 9, did't fancy touch screen. First Element 9 was faulty and kept blowing fuses. Raymarine changed it with with no quibbles. Next Raymarine AIS was faulty again changed by supplier with no problems, then that too showed up to be faulty. Engineer got fed up so fitted an E-mtrak, doesn't bode well for the construction quality.
Water ingress should not be a problem as it is all in a wheel house, and so far I am happy with it


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27 Apr 2006
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Axiom+ 12
Working well but just over a year old. Initially a bit of a faff trying to understand how to update software and charts, but got there in the end. I update either via phone connected to Axiom, via cellular network, or by taking SD card home. Rarely use marina wifi as it is to slow, unstable.
I keep the plotter under the cockpit hood, hence it is very sheltered, unlike a pedestal mounted unit. I also disconnect and store in a saloon locker when not onboard, very fast and easy to do.
I have Raymarine ST60 instruments and ACU400 autohelm, easily networked.

So far, I am happy with it. Easy install, fairy intuitive to use, but it does have some awkward, unintuitive functions. I use Lighthouse charts and have been unable to fathom out how to install Reeds Almanac, which comes with the premium subscription. Also have downloaded satellite images but cant workout how to use them on the plotter.

Tidal height and flow is reasonable to use, graphs and arrows are okay, MOB function can use a drift mode based on tide and wind, but don't know how good that is in real life.

Raymarine email help desk have been useful and solved all issues but not exactly the fastest service in the world.

I have read on here about issues with software, charts and screens, but I have not experienced any issues after software or chart updates.

So far, I would buy Raymarine again, but, I am beginning to think that plotter software, running on a PC or laptop, would be a better and lower cost solution, especially as a cruising yachtsman where integration is not needed for optimisation.

My back up plotter, lowest cost iPad and Memory Maps, is a fraction of the cost of the Axiom+. I don't use laylines, taking angles, wind overlays or even waypoints (to a significant degree). I have a Monitor self steering windvane and My ACU400 autohelm works fine as a stand alone unit. It would be fair to say that most of the integrated features I just don't use, nor feel a need to use them.

I will be buying AIS this year, so that may be good integration but as I still have to keep a watch for non AIS stuff, again, not sure if it is a need or want. Radar will come later.

All the best.
I have an Axiom + 12" integrated to everything. AIS, digital radar, old ST60 stuff, new ACU 400 and two control heads plus a couple of additional I60s.
Very happy with it all.. I integrated my old AIS 0183 transponder with an Actisense. Very happy with the set up. We have the Axiom under the sprayhood as well but I will add the remote buttons at the steering binnacle this winter so I can zoom in and out at the wheel


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11 Aug 2004
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You can fit the Raymarine Seatalk to STNG converter to integrate the ST60's, which will put the wind, depth etc on the network. This would also apply regardless of the make of plotter etc. This will leave you with one spare STNG port but no NMEA 2000 ports.
This was our choice when fitting a new Element 9 to the existing EVO 100 wheel pilot and ST60s. The only bit I missed was the need to use a converter cable from SeatalkNG to the Element which like the Axiom takes NM2000. The ST60 Seatalk to SeatalkNG widget is in the cabin ceiling. Note, read the instructions for this carefully, it requires the Seatalk red power cable to be cut and isolated because the converter is now going to supply the power to the ST60s. Also try to put the power supply to the network in the middle of the cables. I bought a cabling kit plus a converter kit which gave me most of the bits I needed and then e bay for a couple of extras to keep the cost down.

Works well and updates to all the EVO100 components plus Element, are now done quarterly via wifi.



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7 Jun 2024
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Thanks for the info, i will go down this route, it makes sense that the new system backbone is the “master” in all things, including power supply, I would of missed that too.

I was musing how much things have progressed since my old system was installed and how things will look in another 15 years…. I would imagine by that time our onboard systems will be more or less wireless, making things easier to fit. At the moment it feels a little like a battle of languages and developing on “the fly”, oh well that is how evolution (sic) works!😀