Do you want EU control ????



Let's air our views for all to see about the EU and its advancing control of our hobby and freedom on the water ....

I agree with soome limited licencing - you only have to see some of the idiots out there !
I do not agree that the RYA should be left alone to do it.
I reckon that we should all lobby for National control, not Euro-control.... and it must be sensible !

Finally dip yer hands in yer pockets and give a little extra to the RNLI !


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1 Jun 2001
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I totally agree with you. However, the only way to stop the Euro-lunacy in all its forms is to elect a government who is commited to do just that. The British people were given the opportunity a few months ago and voted for a government which is commited to pushing us further and further in. It will be the same British people who will now suffer ever increasing levels of beurocracy, intervention, regulation and the curtailing of basic personal frredom. Why did they do this?

With the way the Tory leadership election is going, we may well prepare ourselves to 8-10 more years of more of the same. After that it will all be be too late.

The solution - go sailing in Australia or New Zealand, I supose.


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27 Nov 2002
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We've been down this on the other place.

What you suggest is simply not possible.

We are now, today, in the position where European legislation overrides UK legislation.

We do not have the option of national instead of European. You cannot even appeal through the courts since the European Court can and has overruled decisions of British courts.

Like it or not we are being ratcheted into a European "superstate" with all that that means.

If you want to know the long term prospects for independent Nation states having their independance subsumed into a federal structure look at Jugoslavia or the USSR.

And you're worried about power boat wash!!!!