Cookham bridge downstream arch hazard


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18 May 2008
Limehouse hole or Cookham
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This is the current status of the downstream navigation arch at Cookham. A tree is wedged into the bridge guards. It arrived during the January floods.

I know that it is red boards and will be for a bit longer but once the weir closing starts people will come out.

I found a life ring in the River and hooked it over the sticking out branch approximately where the orange X is.

Anyone thinking of coming down be very careful. This arch is not safe as the tree also has a branch protruding under water. The arch to the right is not navigable and the one to the left puts you in an awkward position for the lock cut.

IMG_20240318_131158.jpgI imagine the EA will remove the tree as soon as they can get their landing craft out.

If it is still there when the Devizes Westminster canoe race comes through it could be dodgy as they come down in the dark really quite fast and this is the marked downstream arch for a good reason. I would not like to hit that at seven knots in a K2 racing kayak.
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