chrysler outboard



can anyone help on my 55hp outboard?Firstly does the push to choke switch supposed to hold the choke in or am i to hold it in, or does it not need to be choked once it has started.The Reason for asking is that it starts well but does not tick over too good, so when you engage drive it cuts out sometimes.
do I need a good service or can anyone shed any light on it.The engine is a twin carb which i assure you are well balanced.


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16 May 2001
Hmm these are pretty old now, mid 70s if gold/white livery. The choke should latch on the "closed" or "on" position, you shouldn't have to hold it. But you will need to open the choke pretty soon or almost immediately after the engine fires - they are set pretty rich anyway

Re the stalling when putting in gear, it may be a bit of a bodge but could you just turn up the idle speed a bit, maybe to 850 ish. You don't want it so fast that boat jerks when engage gear, and gears crunch, but 850ish shd be ok

There are several US bulletin boards devoted to older outboards (including Chrysler, and later Force) where you can get much detailed info, much better than my $0.02 above

Best of luck