A Sailing Video Diary


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11 Oct 2004
I've not posted in Scuttlebutt before as I tend to hang out in the liveaboard forum, but I thought I'd post this here as it may be of interest to ppl.

We've been blogging about our sailing exploits for the last 12 years now, but recently we've got into video updates, specifically because we are getting support through Patreon. We're posting clips every week - one week is our video diary blog and the other week is an informal interview with a yachtie. It's pretty involved and takes up a lot more time than the odd bit of writing and photography ever did, but Liz and I enjoy putting the clips together. Our youtube channel and our Patreon support increases weekly, which only encourages us to up the ante, increase the quality of production and the content.

There are a few yachties sponsored through Patreon but I think we are the only British couple doing it. Patreon is an American concept and most of our supporters are American, including our first sponsor who is actually called American. Yes, really (and if you're into video games you may have already heard of him). What's more, American owns a boat based in Krabi (just across from us in Phuket) so we hooked up with him and sailed together for a few days. He's the first subject in our informal interview series.

Since I can embed youtube clips into the YBW forum I thought I'd include our latest two episodes, which was a two-parter on the island of Langkawi (a big draw for yachties, mainly cos it's a duty-free island!). Annoyingly there's a limit on how many I can include in one post so I'll add the second one in a reply.

Previous episodes have covered our time in the boatyard, and sailing too, of course, but the latest Langkawi episode was just been published today. Whatever, here they are for your viewing pleasure:

If you're interested in viewing our other clips then our youtube channel is this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkl0_R0LT6deoJjS4bNanmw. If you're interested in learning more about Patreon, see here: https://www.patreon.com/followtheboat

Enjoy your Sunday. Fair winds.