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Update from St Kats...............


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6 Nov 2001
This morning...its the heat !

Hammersmith Bridge
Due to the heatwave London experienced in early August, Hammersmith Bridge in the upper Thames was structurally damaged. The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham council took the decision to close the bridge to river traffic. There is an exclusion zone either side of the bridge, with no vessels being allowed to navigate through it. This does not affect boats visiting St Kats from the sea, but does affect all customers from upstream and the non-tidal Thames.

We await updates from the council and the Port of London Authority on when the bridge may be open either temporarily or permanently. If you are planning to navigate from the Upper Thames please consider this restriction carefully. Some vessels can still navigate to St Katharine Docks by using Brentford or Limehouse Lock and navigating the Grand Union Canal. Any visitor planning this route should look on the Canal & River Trust website for restrictions (ie beam and air draft).