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the marine industry


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18 Sep 2003
Dorset/ Hampshire. south coast
After recent events, there was a lot of speculation about the marine industry, but I have got the impression that the SBS is going to hold a few surprises .

The manufacturers are coming out fighting, Sealine, Princess , Fairline, Westline, and Absolute are all launching one if not 2 new boats.

Have you heard of anything else you think will be worth checking out. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif


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30 Nov 2005
It's good that the manufacturers seem to be responding, but so many of these boats are ultimately aimed at the Med, the UK is always a secondary market.

Recent news of Peters etc. is really just usual business life, there will always be casualties and more will follow, I'm sure.

The sad thing is that there still is no real answer to the UK diesel situation and that major change is coming sooner or later. If only the government would stand up to EU and tell that they will govern in the UK!

Vat is a hell of a contribution to their coffers and the motoring side of the UK marine industry is bound to have a real rough ride in the short term. Few people will discuss it, but it lurks in the background all the time. /forums/images/graemlins/mad.gif

Julie, are you working this show as demonstrator extroadinaire? /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif


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27 Feb 2004
West London/Gosport
From "Newsweek" this week on the state of the American market: "National Marine Manufacturers Association said it expects pleasure boat sales, down 6 percent in 2006, to fall 10 percent more in 2007, largely due to the housing woes. Boatarama in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, had to consolidate from four locations to one, and it now sells only used boats. Brunswick Corp., which makes Sea Ray boats, said in July that it was slashing production.. etc

Given the above, and todays announcement that Victoria Mortgages here in the UK has gone out of business I think the UK boating market is in for a hard time ahead.

I wonder what surprises there will be 'after' the boat show?


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21 Jun 2004
On our club rally last weekend there was one electronics supplier and one propellor manufacturer. Both were saying that their markets are weak just now and that it is a good time to buy. So maybe there'll be some bargains at the show.


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13 Apr 2005

Have you heard of anything else you think will be worth checking out

[/ QUOTE ]

Skagen 50 must be worth a shufty.

Fairline about to launch a Squaddy 55 at LIBS ???