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19 Feb 2007
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Sorry if this has been covered before, but cant find anything. Im looking for recomendations for a suitable sealer to bed the new windows into my boat. (Finally got fed up with the old wooden ones leaking)
Boat is a wooden grand Banks, structure is marine ply covered with cloth and epoxy resin, window frames are aluminium.
Also, should I be using A2 or A4 stainless screws. Great service from the window suppliers but not much help on what to use to fit them.




I'm glad you posted this! Just had a new window made up for a Virgo Voyager, old one was screwed in(every inch and a half all the way round) and fitted using a sort of very sticky grey two-sided adhesive cushion tape stuff. Company who made up the new window looked a bit blank when I asked about the two-sided sticky cushion tape stuff. Anyone know where to get this stuff?


Wouldn't you know it.... you post a question, then a lengthy and detailed search (more lengthy and detailed that is, than the one you made before you did the post!) reveals the answer. Back in March 'Tugboat' posted; "The tape you are seeking is called Bear Tape and can be obtained from Aladdin's Cave chandlery. It comes in 2 widths. 50mm at £2 per metre, or 25mm at £1 per metre. It is a grey closed cell foam, about 3mm thick, self adhesive on one side and is very easy to use.' Well don't know if that's any help to you, but it does answer my question. Not sure how to link the thread here for you to look at, but the heading was 'bolted on windows' Good luck.