Win7 Driver problem - GPS to computer


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12 Jan 2003
Had an email from my friend in Godzone country requesting help for a cruiser chum of his.

I'm a dunce when it comes to this sort of thing - can anybody help?

I have a friend who has been having trouble getting here Foruno GPS to connect into C Map now she has up graded to windows 7. I tried but have been unsuccessful. Can you please see anyone on the forum has had this problem and has a solution.

The Foruno is 1990's model GP 76.1991. It has a serial port connection which i have successfully got the adapter driver working in 7. However no signal seems to be coming from the Foruno. Given a problem i have had with my old printer driver there may be a problem there. Windows says that it recognises the driver and that the printer is ready but nothing happens. I do not know how to solve that so i cannot check this. The driver for the adapter latest version is Vista, so although 7 claims to recognise it it may not actually work.

Any help / suggestions anyone can give would be much appreciated. I think the reference to CMap is probably the CM93 program & charts.

Ta ;)


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18 Jan 2003
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I suspect Cmap is set to look at a certain com port.. Only problem is Com ports don't appear in device manager in windows 7 as they did s on previous versions of windows. I know from plugging in a usb to serial adapter that it appears on other devices/usb serial controllers. so CMap may not be compatable with windows 7
However To add a com port or com ports on windows 7 you need to Find your way to device manager click the tab "actions" click "add legacy hardware" follow the wizard. pick the option "install the hardware that I manually select" tab down to you see ports (com & lpt) click on ports select "standard port types" click next. This should then add a com port to the device list. Now when you plug in the GPShopefully it should appear on one of the com ports you have added. Then you need to configure CMap to use that com port.

I can't confirm this will work as I don't have a GPS to plug into my windows 7 laptop I don't use it on the boat. But I would try this first.
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