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I'm moving from dinghies to a keelboat for inland water use. with a limited budget. my purpose is simply to learn keelboat sailing and get out of dinghies. i've seen a formula 1 (hunter boats - IOR design) and the price is right (£5k) with all the kit recently replaced. does anyone know if this is too quick a boat for a novice with relatively novice crew and does anyone know of any alternatives at the price? Thanks


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11 Jul 2001
West Sussex
I've sailed a Rader 18 - very stable, comfortable and fast with a lifting keel. Not sure there are too many about though.

This one has a 4hp outboard so give a lot of flexibility.

I'm sure you'd be able to pick up a fairly good one for £5k...

There's a picture of it tied up to my boat if you want to have a look - go to the "pics" section and scroll down to 3rd pic.

Roger Holden


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1 Oct 2001
There is a brief review of the Formula 1 in December PBO which reads well. Unless the dinghies you sail are bricks I can't imagine you will have too much trouble moving up. I was in a similar position this year and the novice crew (wife!!) took to it OK. Sounds a good price assuming no major hull repairs are required. Most obvious area to check would be around the keel area, not sure what type of mechanism it is but if it let down by a system which could allow it to drop heavily then that would likely be your biggest problem. You could also see if there is an owners assoc or talk to the mfctrer.