When a ship changes course!


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7 Jun 2001
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Agreed, TSS vessels SHOULD have right of way.

It would make much more sense and clear up anomolies within rule 10 if the IRPCS were modified to give vessels travelling within TSS lanes absolute right of way over vessels joining or crossing the lanes. (Constrained by draft, manoevering with difficulty etc excepted). With GPS, no-one can be excused for not knowing precisely when they enter a TSS.


Re: Although I know that there have been...

I think the best advise for anyone who decides to get into these areas ..... before a situation develops - put engine on, assume that all else are idiots, ships are a bloody sight bigger and keep well clear of 'em. Let them pass and then open throttle, harden sheets and get the hell across as quick as poss !

The ship will watch for :
a) Silly manouevres
b) His position in the scheme, but paying regard to others including yachts.
One postee states that radar watch is common and it seems from his posting that he implies it is more than the visual watch ...... If any Shipping Co. or authority had any suspicion of that, the Master and Officers concerned would be in a very serious enquiry. It is actually common for watch's to be 'doubled' on the large vessels and those that are smaller are generally more experienced in the ways of the channel etc. as regulars........ A visual watch is still after all the technology and advances made No. 1 on the bridge list. It is also common that the Master of the vessel is on the bridge as well - so please keep out of their way and do yourself a favour.

I agree that Rules are rules and should be adhered to ... but remember that the rules also talk about any action or manoeuvre should be bold enough and immediately plain to the other vessel ... so turn well off course such that there is no confusion and let him pass. Pussyfooting about with a few degrees is no good to anyone !

Yes I take this thread very seriously having sailed ships from 1000 up to 440,000 tonnes as well as yachts in the channel etc. I was caught on a 300,000 tonne vessel by a bunch of yotties who were having a race in the middle of the channel ! Now I am drawing about 60ft .... and this 'prat' calls me up and asks 'Don't you know we are racing - alter your course'. I shouldn't print my answer - nor should I have used it over a public communication device ... but it went along the lines of 'play in the paddling pool' ... to which there was an immediate series of vhf voices applauding my reply !!!! What really got my 'goat' was that I have been a yottie since early childhood and enjoy both sides of the coin.........