What type of boat would be best.....(eternal question)


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18 Apr 2013
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From reading previous threads, I know there is no one correct answer but I would appreciate any thoughts other forumites may have. My main reason for buying a boat was after holidaying with friends whose father had a Sunseeker Superhawk 48 in Ibiza. I instantly fell in love with the freedom and fun that boating in the med brings.

We have an appartment in Sardinia and after a bit of research, I bought a Cranchi CSL 27 in 2007 for £60k. I bought it as it had a sunpad, small cabin with toilet, wetbar, transom shower and single engine to keep costs down. WIth hindsight, I bought a 2 year old boat thinking newer = better, but my experience over the years makes me think i could have done better.

Sardinia, and especially our cruising ground through the Bonifacio Straits get a lot of wind and therefore chop. Given i spend 4 weeks only on holiday, it is very frustrating being unable to go out when the sea gets up a bit. anything over 1m on the forecast will keep us in harbour. The waves tend to be very short and confused.

So, what other options are there? Whilst a Botnia Targa might be great for flattening the chop, it's lack of sunpad and med styling means it loses it's appeal. Outboards are tricky too, as we need a dinghy to get to the beaches when we are there (I currently lift my 2m dinghy with torqeedo onto the sunpad). How big do i need to go to get a boat that will take a bit more of the rough? I think a Windy Bora 40 is my ideal boat given it has a garage but they are pretty pricey. Maybe I should stick with the Cranchi's and go for an Endurance 39 or similar. Anyone got any suggestions for a lowish cost, smallish boat (upto 35ft)? Should i be looking for a shaft drive? From what i have read here they seem to be more able sea boats.

I 'd probably be lucky to get £25k for my Cranchi in the currrent environment and dont want to add more than about £15k to that. Service costs are a consideration and we never venture offshore so a single lump will be fine.

Any thoughts appreciated.


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15 Jan 2002
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The challenge you will have is that once you get into bracket above 30' and wish to have speed, you will be in to twin engine installation...

Before I read your budget, but about sea-keeping and handling the chop, I instantly thought about Itama 38 or a 40 ... On shafts, so will be well planted and a hull (and style) that is well suited to the location... but not on your budget I am afraid..


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4 Apr 2005
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Nimbus nova has a cuddy cabin, but isn't all there in the med boat department.

Your budget is the limiting factor. There are some good value older winds around - I'm sure I've seen a Bora 40 for bonkers money recently (ok not £40k but maybe £60k).

There was a Windy Khamsin 34 in Portugal that was up for good money - though I am spending in £ so the weak € helps a lot

Here a Bora http://www.cosasdebarcos.com/barco_64897020150954705265485651694567.html

Asking €89,000 so £64k in today's money. Who knows what a bit of haggling might do
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