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6 Mar 2003
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Hi All,

Bank Holiday weekend, and yes, you've guessed it, the weather is not going to be playing the game. Still, we can't complain too much I suppose, Easter was superb! I wouldn't normally plug services so much (as you know) but with such horrible conditions due this weekend, it may be that some of you want to get in touch, here's how, you can:

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Have good one,

Issued: 0700 Friday 25th May 2007

SATURDAY ( see http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/Rtavn361.png and http://www2.wetter3.de/Fax/bracknell+36.gif )
A weak cold front will be clearing southeast England early this morning. A ridge of high pressure then builds through Ireland and most of the United Kingdom. Low pressure west of Norway maintains a trough southwards into the north of Scotland. Low pressure developing southwest of Ireland later in the day.
Early morning cloud over the far southeast of England should clear away quite quickly. There will then be plenty of dry conditions and sunshine over much of England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. Some showers could affect the north and west of Scotland, most of them fairly light.
The afternoon sees cloud increasing through Ireland, and it won't be long before rain arrives into the west and south of Ireland. This will be spreading eastwards, becoming heavy at times. By the evening the rain will have arrived in the west of Wales and the far southwest of England.
Winds will be mainly W-WNW 8-12kt (F3), then becoming cyclonic over Ireland in the afternoon 12-18kt (F4-F5). perhaps 15kt (F4) over northern Scotland.

SUNDAY ( see http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/Rtavn601.png and http://www2.wetter3.de/Fax/bracknell+60.gif )
A deepening area of low pressure passing slowly east along the south coast of England during Sunday.
Heavy rain is going to be affecting most of England, Wales and Ireland, as well as southern Scotland. Not only that, but it will also be very windy with these winds to gale force in places. It will be cold, and there is a threat of snow over the mountains of Scotland and Wales, perhaps even the Pennines. The far north of Scotland may be brighter with some sunny spells coming as well as some showers. There will be further sunshine and showers for western Ireland.
Winds will be cyclonic, mainly E-NE 20-35kt (F6-F8) for most of the country, nearer NE 16-20kt (F5-F7) over Ireland and Scotland, but nearer 15kt (F4) over northern Scotland.

MONDAY ( see http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/Rtavn841.png and http://www2.wetter3.de/Fax/bracknell+84.gif )
Low pressure off the coasts of East Anglia, slowly moving away to the east. Higher pressure building over eastern parts of Iceland, this squeezing a strong northerly flow through the UK and Ireland.
There will be further periods of heavy rain along eastern coasts, and I suspect that these are going to last throughout the day. The rain spread northwards during the day, so most of the eastern half of the country will have a thoroughly wet and windy day.
It may be brighter further west, with western Scotland, Wales and Ireland as well as southwest England having a few showers.
Winds will be mainly N 20-35kt (F6-F8) over England and eastern Scotland, nearer N 15kt (F4) over Ireland and the far west of Scotland.



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15 Nov 2004
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Unless you can come up with better weather than that we will have to consider your position in this forum. It is no good giving us the old claptrap about good weather at Easter ... we want it this weekend! Now, kindly reconsider your data and tell us it is sunshine with F4 on the beam right throughout the UK ... /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif


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5 Jul 2004
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Please send that forecast back and ask for another one, a better one.

This one will do:

Wind direction Tick any one [N] [NE] [E] [SE] [SW] [W] [NW]

Wind Speed Tick any one [F1] [F2] [F3] [F4] [F5] [DONT BE SILLY]

Sea State : SMOOTH

Visibility : GOOD

Air Temp : Greater Than 22 deg C

I think everyone here would contribute a bit more dosh for better forecasts.

(yes I am bored)