w/heater info on jolly heater


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30 Jan 2002
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Mate of mine has a Jolly heater or ashwood heater its a water heater fitted to caravans or boats.
The unit is malfunctioning .
Now then, the solenoid is pulsing , together we think it could be the flame sensor .NOTE I say flame sensor because its not the thermo coupling type .
Any way what is needed is the resistance setting ,by that I mean the actual resistance to apply then the end resistance to check the sensor is working or not .
My thinking is the solenoid return spring is lazy because of lack of use ,hence the pulsing .
The actual unit is the automatic thermostatically controlled type he says it is about four years old .
So if you have had this problem on the same type of heater
or you have the correct resistance settings for testing
Even better the makers web site where I can get the specifications data
Please dont wast time with the usual have you tried this or that because both Henry and I already know that done that .
Thank you

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