VOR Closing Stages – reality for ADOR


New member
18 Sep 2014
I know Knut and his team at VOR HQ would have us believe that it’s a very close finish and everything to play for, which is sweet, with two legs left and the points tally reasonably close – is it really still up for grabs?

With Abu Dhabi on 16 points and both Team Brunel and Dongfeng on 22, and with Vestas Wind back in the melee, it means there are still 14 points to lose (not counting possible penalties).

Except Brunel and Dongfeng could not finish with less than 24 points. Assuming Abu Dhabi remain on top of the In-Port_Race leaderboard, that would mean that Abu Dhabi need to loose 8 points in the last two legs. That's a lot of points to loose when you consider that ADOR’s total point tally for the first 4 Legs was a mere 8 points and only 11 points after 6 legs.

I am sure Ian Walker was disappointed with is 5th place finish in Portugal – but man-o-man, is he still in the driving seat.