Volvo DP-G Prop tightening


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12 Oct 2020
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Hi, I am going to replace my prop anodes on my Targa 34 with KAD300 and DP-G drives, I have all the paperwork and specialist tool but do not see how I can accurately set the torque on the front propeller? I think I can use a socket set and standard torque wrench on the rear end nut (I hope!) but no idea how using the specialist too I can set 70NM torque correctly.
So two questions:
1. Can I use a standard socket set and torque wrench to finish tightening cone locking nut at the rear?
2. How do i set the first nut using the specialist Volvo tool accurately to 70NM torque?

Any help/advice most welcome.


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7 Feb 2008
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I have the dp-e . So not the same but I believe the special nut is the same
Using the tool I make it as tight as I can . I think the tool is made such that with the leverage available you can't possibly over tighten the special nut. If you can feel play in the prop along the shaft then tighten it some more until you feel no play.

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