Varuna steam Yacht



Hi All.

I am at present doing some work on a Biography, whilst doing this I have come across some information that tends to lead towards a Mr Eugene Higgins. Mr Higgins was the owner of the steam yacht Varuna.

I notice from one of the messages dated July 13th by Paul Gockel that a article is mentioned . Classic boat magazine 1992. John Leather four part article about George Watson. I was wondering if anyone can give me any more information on this article or even a copy if possible.

I would also be interested in anyone who has any knowledge of the Varuna or its crew. Or indeed the owner.

I am also looking into a further yacht owned by Mr Higgins. it is the Thalassa I do not at the moment know anything about this yacht at all.

Anyone interested in a copy of Mr Higgins Bio as it is at the moment is most welcome .



Try the R M Y C

The Royal Motor Yacht Club ran at a Channel race in 1939 and I seem to remember that one of the participants was a steam yacht with a name beginning with the letter "V"
I may be wrong for a course but they archives on early mechanic powered yachting and post war America's Cuping are quite extensive.
Hope this helps