vanessa cookers


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30 May 2001
Have purchased a Fulmar with a Vanessa cooker but grill gas distributer is missing. i.e the long thing that gas flame comes out of. Does anyone have the address/number where I can puchase this. Thanks.


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9 Oct 2001
Emsworth, Chichester Harbour, UK
Same Question.... but relating to PLASTIMO cooker. The grill distribution tube seems particularly vulnerable. I repaired it about 8 years ago because the quoted price for a replacement was absurd ... nearly half the cost of the complete cooker when it was new. Now looks as if I will have to fabricate a new one from scratch.

Unfortunately PLASTIMO don't seem to figure in the caravan market. Have learned my lesson!

Other problems:...... Oven door hinges give up (can be fixed but a pain). Glass door a complete waste of time since it soon fills up inside with grease. Outside may be 'stainless' but awefull lot of mild steel everywhere else.

Comments relate to model purchased 1985.


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29 Jun 2001
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Plastimo cookers

My first one, fitted in 1989 (an Atlantic) fell apart due to corrosion, mainly of the oven door hinges.

As you say the carcass is of mild steel and the trim of stainless.

I was assured by Plastimo in Lorient that the Pacific - their top end cooker was a very different beast.

I've had that since '96 and have been very impressed with it - mainly because it is a first class cooker with thermostaticlly controlled oven, flame-failure on all the burners - one problem though - the burners are of enamelled cast iron - at least the enamel is on the outside.
These rust internally and the flame burns with insufficient oxygen - yellow, sooty, no heat. The solution is simple, every six months I ream out the burners and they're as good as new.

However what can you expect for £386 - only the Flavell range compared in price with a far lower spec.