Tracking down Jeff Gold

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28 Apr 2020
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He ‘passed away’ a couple of years ago. As you say, warm & gentle. A great guy and a great instructor. He taught me a lot about handling people as well as how to handle the boat.

He was very amusing with a good story line but firm when necessary and I can recall a few occasions on the water that serve as great examples.

He was always very fair, enjoyed a good whisky but only when safely moored up at the end of the day, a dry boat when at sea. A true ‘old salt’.

Ex-RN with a commanding yet modest presence. He took me through to RYA Coastal Skipper and I truly miss him - often think of him when I’m sailing and asking myself ‘what would Jeff do in this situation if he was here?’ and ‘Jeff would be pleased about how I did that!’

His ashes were scattered in the Solent where he did much of his teaching and I salute him when passing over the spot.

Happy memories.