Splicing dynema - need some help on new knot/splic



Could someone help me out. I learned a hybrid between knot and plice for
dynema ropes but I'm puzzled how you can complete the knot through an eye of
a schakle.

main characteristics of the knot:

push outer cover away. take a splicing tool and create an eye straight
through the core and take the end of the core through, pull it till it
reaches the end, now tilt the knot over to create an eye in the line. Repeat
the procedure about 15 cm further down the line. To create the eyesplice in
the line take the end and take it through the eye furthest away from the end
and keep pulling it through till you just pulled the first eye through.

Here comes the trick (without shackle :)) You now formed the eye which you
take as a whole and push it through the 1st eye, pull and you have an eye
which can never come loose (either brak or tighten) which is easy to take
apart too.

This knot is especially suitable for spectra/dynema which is a very slick
material that slides easy - I've seen many conventional splices that worked
themselves loose.

anyway, can someone tell me the moves to make to attach a shackle to the

thanks, Kees