Scunnered from Scotland!



Reading some of the early postings to the forum is like going back a month or two on Scuttlebutt! There have been a lot of pretty unreasonable criticisms of Kim and Co but basically we've got our forum back. Lets get back to boating chat, exchange of views, info and above all else a bit of fun between like minded people.

I for one enjoy this board but to use a good old Scottish expression, I am getting completely scunnered by the steady carping and critcism. Can we get back to boats please.

And to Kim and co. Well done so far and I am sure that once the early bugs are ironed out (and you are welcome to use the good ship Amoureuse's ironing board if you wish!) we have a fine vehicle for our forum. Constructively, I share Haydn's concern that you can't see the message you are replying to as you type and, if there were some means of posting a picture that would be good too. However, keep up the good work!



Re: sorry

I gave them a bit of stick, and was a bit rough so, sorry.

Soon, I'll have the very latest MBY sneak preview stuff. 'Cept they've nicked my Fairline 58 review.


Come on Nick.
I know the pictures you want to post.

Trisha from Talbot.

Nicks Big thing from Sc%!$horpe.

The Breast of Holand and the white cliffs of Dover!!
AHH all a bit iffy stuff.

Wonder if wife knows about this!!!!!

Now then about the films I have for sale and th'wifes in um too!!!

But thanks Karl and co.

Matt's a bit of a deliquent and so are most of us except Nick who should really be banned cos he's a self confessed accountant and is supposed to be in jail really but, but.

It's a bit like Ronney Bigges.

It's Hard to keep the fly buggers down.

Now If Colin could get the carpet fitted.

Funny thing I've just looked at the preview.

It dont like Sc%!$horpe ( As in Town in Lincolnshire)and gives Scx;;bl##### thorpe and things
cos it dont work right. But Bugger's OK.

Supposes theres a logic there some where.

So Nick Bugger off to bed and I'm off to Dare I say it???? Sc%!$horpe!!!.