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11 Feb 2009
New Forest
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I've got some sails for sale, one pretty good, the rest pretty old.
They're from a Nic 26 and were used up till last year when I converted to roller furling. Sail no. 1 was bought second hand by me and was off a Sadler 26 I was told.

Collection from New Forest preferred or delivery between New Forest and Portsmouth possible. If you're prepared to pay for it I'll even post them with parcel farce.

Please note - all measurements are as close as I could easily measure but may be a couple of cm out. Please also note that the camera does lie and that the photos may make the sails look slightly cleaner than they are. (I say these things to be totally honest)

Sale of Sail no 1.
Hanked on Jib/genoa

luff - 27' (8.2m)
leach - 25' (7.6m)
foot - 10' 6" (3.2m)

Generally very good, bit of frayed stitching on the foot (second pic) some light staining
but other than that, generally very clean. Sail bag included.
£65 ono for sale/SANY0001.jpg for sale/SANY0002.jpg

Sail no. 2
Hanked on jib - wire in luff

Luff - 28' (8.5m)
leach - 24' 6" (7.5m)
foot - 11' (3.3m)

Old Sail, no rips but a couple of repairs.
Some general staining, some rust stain, generally not looking very white but stitching still pretty good, still some life in it.
£35 ono for sale/SANY0003.jpg for sale/SANY0004.jpg

Sail no. 3
Hanked on genoa

luff - 30' (9m)
leach - 30' (9m)
foot - 16' 6" (5m)

Old Sail, lighter sail cloth for light airs. One large patch on leach (see pic 3)
Cosmetically not so good, some staining & generally not very clean. Some stitching frayed but still usable
£25 ono for sale/SANY0005.jpg
Please note that these photos make the sail look cleaner than it is (it's grubby but the next picture makes it look white.) for sale/SANY0009.jpg for sale/SANY0008.jpg

Sail no. 4 NOW SOLD

[size=-2]Butler and Verner Mainsail

Luff - 26' 6" (8m)
foot - 10' (3m)

4 batten pockets (battens included), 2 reefs, leach tell tales
Couple of small repairs. Bit grubby, some stains and some patches of mildew spots
Was still in use till end of last year but does have a bit of a flappy leach.
£35 ono

Sail no 5.
Very old mainsail, made for a roller furling boom so no reefs. pockets for 3 battens but these are not included

luff - 27'
foot - 10'

Old Grubby sail but not heavily stained.
£15 ono if it's any use to anyone for sale/SANY0010.jpg

Thanks for looking, PM me if you're interested .
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