Radio GMDSS / MMSI and EPERB registration for a Maltese flaged vessel


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11 Dec 2006
Hi all, I have a problem in that I am familiar with the process of registering a radio with ofcom to gain a radio licence MMSI No etc for a British flagged vessel also EPERB registration. However the new boat I will be skippering is to be on the Malta scheme. She is going from UK to Malta on her own hull so I wish to have all the kit set up before departure from the UK. Can anybody help with advice regarding the process of registering the radio and getting a call sign, MMSI, GMDSS, EPERB registration etc for a vessel on Malta Flag. I have a document from Malta which is "Radio Instalation Inspection Report Form(Non-GMDSS) from the ministry of Transport and Comunications Malta. First part of document askes me to fill in the Call Sign- MMSI etc.

Maybe somebody Malta based can help me. Thanks /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif


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21 May 2007
Malta - Med Sea
hello I used to this for ships for 6 years
is the boat registererd over 24 metres in size
now what you need to do is the following:
you will need to give model and serial number as in the form, and apply for an MMSI number
but I think if you are doing the flag with someone here he should do this for u
always the same the lawyers just sell something they dont know a thing off and then all ship owners used to come to us for help, for registrations and radio GMDSS material or Crew stuff....