I had a problem with my PETROL fuel tank. I got lots of good advice from these forums. Thanks.

As a bit of feedback - I had a blockage in one fuel line (two engines). The blockage turned out to be a small bit of foam. The foam was used to help bed the tank in position. A little bit had broken off. I found it at the elbow of the uplift tube just about to travel along the flexible hose to the engine. I am still removing a thin brown slime from the tank but not as much.The filters are handling it well so far.

A further word of warning a friend had his guage bedded in silicone sealant. A little sealant dropped in his tank. It was amazing how huge a small blob of silicone expands when immersed in petrol. It also shrank as the petrol evaporated.

Use a polysulphide sealant that is resistant to petrol etc.

Good luck.