Nick Rob. on whisky and rugby



Well - that particular debacle in Twickenham yesterday has put me out on a limb. I got it badly wrong - but thankfully no wagers.

I just hope that we can do better against the Scots - or I'll probably to have to admit publicly that Nick Robinson knows more than I do - and hence Scotch whicky is superior to Irish Whiskey - and then when he's on a roll - he'll probably look for public confirmation that in fact everything Scotch is superior to everything Irish. He might even push for Ireland to be relegated to third position in the pecking order. (What's thay you're saying - fourth ? no way - that's unthinkable).

Oh - and Byron - if you're reading this - I noticed you new photo....

Is is entitled "When Scotties go bad" or "return of the killer Terriers" (BTW this is in no way connected with tripe above) - but it does look like the dog has gotten a hold of you Jugular Vein and isn't going to let go......

What a wonderful way to start a Sunday - who needs papers?