New skin fittings

Caer Urfa

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28 Aug 2006
Why pay through the nose,and do it yourself it's not rocket science!
Worst job is getting the existing one's out, if a problem soak inside nut/nuts with WD40 and leave overnight, get someone to hold the outside by jamming something across the internal tabs of the skin fitting to remove internal nuts.
Clean the hull both sides around the area once the old one comes out
Use Sikaflex sealer when fitting new skin fittings and I recommend brass/bronze not plastic new fittings.
Double up on all pipe circlips on new pipework.
Good luck.


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27 Oct 2001
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Worst job is getting the existing one's out

[/ QUOTE ]

I know. This weekend I tackled the job that has been worrying me since I bought the boat. Cockpit drains are 2 inch ID hoses into valves then skin fittings. Valves were seized and are huge b*****ers. Worse, they are inches from the steering hydraulics so using excessive force is not wise. I think they've been in there for 20 years. Pantaneius specifically excluded any losses resulting from not being able to close them whilst at sea.

After much deliberation I took out the angle grinder and cut away the flanges on the outside. Amazingly the job took only 10 minutes for each fitting - bronze is very soft - and even with the angle grinder kicking back occasionally, I only had a couple of light scrapes on the hull.

Once the flanges were off, the valves lifted out quite easily by wiggling them free of the sealant. Gelcoat filler on the outside, sand back to smooth and my boat has two lovely 2 inch holes in the back.

New fittings, valves, hoses and clips arrived today courtesy of ASAP Supplies (next day, as they said) and having gone for the more pricey DZR bronze valves I am 250 quid lighter but they will be fitted at the weekend.

As someone in the yard said to me 'there's nothing like the knowledge that you have new seacocks, hoses and clips' and I know what he means. I reckon the boatyard would have charged a good 300 quid labour and the whole job will have taken me 3 hours.

Of course, this is no help if you can't get to the boat or don't want to wield an angle grinder or similar evil tools, but I'm firmly of the belief that if we own a boat, we should at least know how to do these jobs because one day we'll be a long way from a yard....



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15 Nov 2004
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As someone in the yard said to me 'there's nothing like the knowledge that you have new seacocks, hoses and clips'

[/ QUOTE ] ... and then knowing that they don't leak ... always something I'm concerned about until we've been lifted back in ... /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif