Mounting Windlass on Catamaran...


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28 Oct 2005
Jersey, Channel Islands
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I'm going to be installing a deck mounted electric windlass onto my Catamaran (see photo In order for the chain to pull in line with the bow roller, I'm going to install additional support to mount in on, inline with the existing.

If looking at the photo the windlass would be mounted next to the existing manual windlass (starboard side of), the rear beam is just in shot in the top right hand corner). First idea is to run a piece of Iroko (230mm wide) from the cross beam behind the windlass to the forward beam on which the bow roller is installed.

Simple enough to attach to the rear, the forward bean would require a Stainless 90 degree bracket or a block of hardwood for it to sit on. I'd probably get a piece of stainless drilled so i can bolt in it to tie the new board to the existing windlass mount board.

Then got me thinking do I really need to run the new Iroko board all the way to the fwd beam (on which the roller sits), I could I end it at the new windlass and use the stainless to tie it in (losing some of the support).

Any thoughts or better ideas ?
Any idea on how thick a piece of stainless to go for, 5mm ?

many thanks for any ideas.