Moody 29


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28 Jan 2002
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I'm in the market for a boat around this size. Westerley Konsort would probably have been my first choice. However, there are a few Moody 29s around which are a lot cheaper, but appear very similar on paper.

The association website says they're wonderful (it would, wouldn't it?) I'm after user experience. Anyone out there can tell me how they sail? What are the problems?

There are no test reports available


I owned a Moody 29 for 5 years and was very happy with it. we cruised mainly
channel and brittany coasts - the only problem i can recall was that it was
found to have osmosis when it was surveyed by a prospective buyer - it did
not stop him buying it, but i had to pay to have the work done...i really do not
know why the 29's are cheaper than the westerly's; i have sailed both and think
they are very comparable in both performance and build quality - anyway, good
luck if you buy a 29...