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17 Sep 2007
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hi all, was wondering if anybody out there could help me. I have at present a 3.2m honwave inflatable with a mariner 15hp 2 stroke which fits very nicely in the boot of my vauxhall zafira. I'm craving a bit more power for towing toys etc, but i cannot get the really big rib of my dreams because we tow a folding camper when we go on hols. My question is, if I upgrade to a 3.8m bombard with a mariner 25hp short shaft 2 stroke motor, would it all fit in my car; ie would the engine fit in the boot across ways. I'm struggling to find any dimensions on the internet ( i need to know the total height of the engine not just the shaft length). I also know there might be a weight issue with 4 adults in the car aswell. Any feedback or experiences would be greatly appreciated.thanks.


9 Nov 2005
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If its the aerotech your talking about check the max rated hp for the 380, had 2 of them and got a feeling the max is 15hp, think the aerotech 420 is rated for a 25hp but they are a longshaft. try lifting a 25hp before you buy as they are a lot heavier.
Good Luck because been through the same years ago when the kids were young with the caravan.


Talk to these people.......

What they don't know about outboards probably isn't worth knowing, should be able to give you all the SP on the Mariner 25. They do sell RIBs as well so maybe they will share their thoughts on what you propose? I agree with the others, 25hp will be heavy.