Leech line stuck...


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2 Jun 2015
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Just wondered if this has happened to anyone else... We went through a tack and the leech line on the foresail got caught in the shrouds which pulled it as tight as it could go.... The foresail is now crinkled as it is pulled soo tight and I cannot get it out of the jaws of the small leech cleat..

I am going to take the roller sail down tomorrow and hope I can prize the line out of the jaws but i have no movement to pull it out and down to release... any suggestions? Also when it is freed will it just feed back into the leech of the sail or will i need it professionally pulled through?!

Got to love boats :)


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16 May 2007
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Have you let off the halyard before pulling the leach line?
It will probably spring back into the sail, so don't cut or break it.
It may be accessible at the head of the sail, but often they are stitched in or buried in reinforcement.