JJ's Bav 44 review



JJ\'s Bav 44 review

THAT was a good review. Some real opinions without sugar-coating it for Bavaria. Well done. If only the European manufacturers could bring themselves to produce sailing boats with sea-going interiors, and less of the aft cabin-the-size-of-a-tennis-court philosophy. About time a journalist told them there fittings are below par.

Did anyone see the new Moody 42 at the boat show in S'ton? It has a bizarre "coffee table" type of affair either side of the salon beow the chainplates. What was all that about? Somewhere to put a vase as far as I could tell. A total waste of potential storage space, tanks up up the settees instead of down deep etc. etc. And (like the Bav) a pathetic an excuse of a chart table as you could wish for. Even for the chart plotter only brigade, there wasn't enough room! Where are you supposed to fit an SSB? Where are the book shelves for even a modest range of pilots, an almanac, etc? It seems that no-one wants to use the chart table as a desk - the interiors are all about sleeping and sitting in comfy armchairs.

Keep up the good work JJ - it makes the reviews much more interesting.


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16 Sep 2001
Re: JJ\'s Bav 44 review

I agree. I was at a CA lecture where JJ fielded requests to be more like Jeremy Clarkson. Apart from being astonished that no-one in the audience had a 'production' boat (it WAS the CA!), his defence was that its our own fault. Boat builders only build what sells, and what sells is loads of space 'downstairs' and a galley the size of a warehouse, and boats like the Bav introduce a lot of people to sailing. When I bought my HR, the salesman actually apologised for the galley (which works very well at sea....)