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Paul Brock

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10 Jun 2024
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I am posting this in the hope someone can offer some assistance! I am 69 and an experienced sailor on sailboats and to a lesser degree on motorboats.
I have recently purchased a new explorer 18 metre motor yacht with twin IPs 800 engines. I previously did my written research on IPs and I think it’s the right decision for my last boat! but I have not actually driven one. I am 69, good company and I am hoping someone with a motorboat with IPS and easy docking would have me on board for a few days. I am happy to pay all expences. My yacht will be delivered in late august 24. I have looked for sailing schools with motor yachts equipped with ips but can’t find one. If anybody knows of a school please let me know. I am based in the UK and happy to go anywhere in Europe.


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20 Sep 2011
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Paul you are welcome to borrow mine with built in IPS , for a month . Then once you have used your boat for a while I could borrow yours for a month. A win win for both. Just a note my IPS means It Probably Sinks. What doe yours mean.