I feel the need....the need for speed



I've got a Fairline Mirage with twinm AQAD30's or 31's and it struggles to make much more than 18-20knots. Volvo tell me there's an uprated turbo that I can fit that "will solve all the problems" their quotes. Anyone done it, and does it work? At about £1,000 for the bits, is it going to be worth it?


16 May 2001
Any Pub Lancashire or Wales
Gardeners Question Time!!

No Colin. I'm afraid it's all a mirage, anyway if you got the thing to go any faster it would probably smash it's self to bits
on the next wave.
Is the idea to go over to Holand that fast so as the wife dont feel the bumps or are you just going to aim it at Amsterdam or where ever whilst tied to the pontoon and hope it gets there like dart throwing, instead of using the compass.

Anyway why you asking the question!! Just get your
mate, the turbo man on the job.

New turbos about three fifty each
from car boot places or anywhere but not Volvo cos then £650 each for same as.
I've a cupple of blown uppy ones and some nice bent gearboxes which should get you to Holand, well about half way anyway.
Easier way is just tie yer self ont back of a Princess (do it at night whilst there not watching and put a brick in the middle of the rope so its under water and they cant see it)!! Make it long enough and weave about a bit like yer overtaking so as not to cause suspicion.
Or leave boat on the truck and give driver a back hander.
Sit in boat on car deck in ferry, bottle of beer in hand and turning wheel knowledgeably, whilst wife plots course on little chef's road map.
Much more comfortable.