Helmsdale - CAUTION!


2 Jun 2007
Far North Scotland - Caithness.
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Please take note: Caution should be used entering Helmsdale harbour. Due to the heavy snowmelt and rains a large quantity of rock and shale has flowed down into the outer entrance of the harbour. Allow for plenty of water before entering and please keep close in to starboard when entering outer entrance prior to tight turn to starboard to enter inner basin.

Last week I assisted in getting a long keeled 30 footer off the ground, she should have had plenty of water underneath (drew between 4 & 5 feet) and was bang in middle of outer entrance walls. She was stuck hard and required line from mastead and heeling to her portside rail to get off.

The entrance was showing 7 feet at the time of grounding. It is still safe to enter but allow more water and keep close to starboard. It is safe to anchor outside of harbour to wait for the depth.