Has anyone bought a "Rocna-style" anchor?


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27 Apr 2006
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We wired in a piezo electric alarm - no-one can ignore the noise - I have actually wondered if it was overkill its so shrill your heart beat increases to dangerous levels.

We actually never used it - and trusted the anchor (usually an aluminium Excel, 7kg x 6mm chain, Australian made :) ).

Apart from 3 months when we hauled the boat out and flew home, we have been anchored or sailing since Dec 2021. No harbours. No marinas. No anchor alarm. We expect we will next be in a harbour in June this year when we visit the Azores.


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7 Jan 2022
Athens, Greece
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Having bored myself to tears on many anchor threads - I think I have to ask how often 'copy anchors' are mentioned in threads ? Very rare if the threads I've read are to go by.
Threads seem to polarise on shape / weight and 'name' - not on whether its copied or not.

Since you asked for it, I'll admit to it! I spent two seasons with a 10kg Delta copy that came with the boat. It is a fine anchor that has earned my trust. No complaints, never dragged, and held us for 4 days in a solid 40kts meltemi with gusts that may well have been in the 60s. The wind was vicious, well beyond the strength that I and my crew would feel comfortable sailing in, and this piece of steel of unknown provenance kept us safe until the booze dried out in merciful synchrony with the wind.

Last year I bought, and spent a season with, a 12kg Rocna Vulcan. No complaints with that either, other than the mud that it brings up. It held us fine in 35-40kts, but didn't see a blow quite as bad as last year's. The Vulcan dragged a couple of times in moderate conditions, but it was on a seabed that I knew was quite difficult. I had not anchored there before and doubt that my fake Delta would've fared any better.

The problem with copies is that they're an unknown quantity -- my Delta copy is pretty good, but that doesn't mean that all copies are reliable anchors. I bought the Vulcan for peace of mind -- if we end up on the rocks, at least nobody can blame me for not spending money on a proper anchor. But I still carry the fake Delta around, and would feel comfortable anchoring with it were I to somehow lose the Vulcan.

The boat also came with a fake Danforth. I have no confidence in that, and only use it as a kedge.