Getting stuffed

Andy Bav

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8 Jun 2013
kent. Boat in Sant Carles
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End of last season, I took the foam out of our sun pads, head rests and rear seat cushions as they had taken on water, and leaving the foam in the cockpit would dry them out completely - it did.

Back to the boat last week to do some bits, and getting the foam back into some was a bugg3r - especially those where they had 2 pieces of foam, one in the "sculpted" edge, which has its own zip, within the cushion, and then the larger seat pad.

Need to rethink the drying out process next season, but for this I have some cushions where the fit just doesn't look quite right.

Other than don't take them out in the first place, any other suggestions for a smooth refill of the pads...


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5 Feb 2019
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You need to wrap them in 'stockinette for foam'. It's very cheap and makes it very much easier. We have bought foam cut to order online and the stockinette is always recommended as an extra just to help in putting the foam into the cases.