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16 May 2001
Any Pub Lancashire or Wales
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I've had a few requests for burgees again, well about 4.

Ive asked me flag man, we aint got any.

If there is enough interest I'll get some made.

Rules will be the same as always. PM me, I'll give you the address to send SAE and cheque to £14, less things have changed. No I do not do Paypal or any other method you may dream up. Yes a bit old fashioned, but then I'm not trying to sell anything.

Your flag has been around for around twelve years, there are thousands out there. It's your flag and owes no allegiance to IPC or any one else, though they do support it, not financially I might add. You keep it flying or it fades away.

Flags will be ordered on the number of cheques and SAE's received. SAE means Stamped addressed envelope for return, A4 in this case, it requires a LARGE stamp.

If you want to know what it looks like, you've probably asked the wrong question, but no doubt some one will post a picture. It signifies the Internet and friendship. Basicly it's a mouse with a drink.

I'll post this across the forums, hopefully Richard or some one will make it a sticky for a while.