Dolphin boat security system


26 Feb 2002
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My boat dates from 2000. The first owner had a Dolphin security system installed - an expensive item which involves sensors, alarm , flashing lights etc. I have not been able to try it and do not have a manual or know how to test. Dol phin are still in business but this system has been replaced and they have no knowledge at all about the one on my boat. All they could do was to offer to sell me a new system! I just wonder if there is anyone who has a silimiar system to mine who could give me some helpful advise. I will try to upload photos. It has 3 componets. A key fob (I assume battery powered) A reader box mounted in the cockpit which is hardwired, A control box with key operation hidden away in a locker which I assume is also hardwired. No photos because file too large - its JPEG so don't know how to reduce.